Stanwell Featherweight 303 Pipe Brown 9 mm


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  • After moving their production from Denmark to Italy, Stanwell continue to make excellent quality pipes with a Danish design.
  • Bent Billiard, closer to a Stack, really, from the Featherweight line of pipes
  • Light brown polished finish, black acrylic saddle bit
EAN code: 4260128727050
Bore: 9
Color: Brown shades
Brand: Stanwell
Style: Danish
Height of pipe: 50 mm
Product group: Featherweight 9mm
Bowl material: Bruyere
Surface: Smooth
Item ID: 3112303
Shape of bowl: Egg
Applications made of: None
Length: 130 mm
Product weight: 42 g
Country of production: Denmark
Stem: Half-bent
Mouth piece material: Acrylic