Savinelli Gaius 320 Rustic Pipe

Gaius Rustic 320


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  • The rounded bowl of this portly Author with its dark, rusticated surface, is fabulous to hold
  • Army mount in black acrylic
  • The only point of light is provided by a fine white band on the shank, next to the joint.
  • 9 mm filter
  • Branded box included
EAN code: 4260128724240
Bore: 9
Color: Bordeaux
Mouth piece material: Acrylic
Brand: Savinelli
Material of bowl: Bruyere
Pipe bowl shape: Diplomat
Surface: Rusticated
Product group: Gaius
Item ID: Gaius Rustic 320
Bowl diameter: 22
Style: Classic
Applications made of: Acryl
Length: 135 mm
Height of pipe: 40 mm
Country of origin: Italy
Stem: Half-bent
Product weight: 75 g