Savinelli Autoritratto Briar Pipe Brown

Autoritratto Braun


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  • The self-portrait limited edition pipe from Savinelli's series dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci has a tall, thick-walled bowl and a strong bend to the shank
  • This particular pipe has a smooth, rich brown finish and a small silver reproduction of da Vinci's head, as depicted by himself around 1515, on the shank.
  • The same image is also reproduced on the accompanying tamper.
  • Collector's item with few remaining pieces available.
EAN code: 4260412681075
Applications made of: Sterling silver
Bore: 9
Mouth piece material: Acrylic
Weight: 55 g
Shape of bowl: Freehand
Designer: Da Vinci Collection
Stem: Bent
Color: Brown shades
Brand: Savinelli
Item ID: Autoritratto Braun
Serie: Leonardo Da Vinci
Bowl diameter: 20
Style: Classic
Surface: Smooth
Material of bowl: Bruyere
Height of pipe: 45 mm
Country of production: Italy
Length: 145 mm