Savinelli 135th Anniversary Tobacco Pipe Brown

135th Anniversary Braun


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  • A "genovesina" pipe, similar to the classic clay Cutty, with a smooth brown finish, an ample spur, a bright, wide metal band and an acrylic stem signed by Dr. Giancarlo Savinelli.
  • This fabulous little briar root pipe, made by Savinelli to commemorate their 135th anniversary, makes a great collector's item and is also a great smoker.
  • The variant on the classic Cutty spur incorporates a metal plaque bearing the Savinelli logo which serves to ensure that the pipe adheres comfortably to the accompanying metal stand.
  • Comes in a handsome gift box from Savinelli.
Item ID: 135th Anniversary Braun
Serie: 135th Anniversary
Mouth piece material: Acrylic
Shape of bowl: Cutty
Color: Brown shades
Bore: 9
Style: Classic
Country of production: Italy
Surface: Smooth
EAN code: 4260128725575
Stem: Half-bent
Applications made of: Sterling silver
Material of bowl: Bruyere
Brand: Savinelli