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Sirmione Savinelli is an Italian company founded in 1876, which is particulary famous for its flawless pipes and other accessories. The "Sirimone" collection offers the pipe smoker the highest quality of Italian craftsmanship. After at least three years of natural drying time, each briar coat is individually processed by hand, careful attention is paid to emphasizing the grain of the wood as best as possible.
The pipes of the "Sirimone" Edition are equipped with the so called "Balsa system". The manufacturer uses pipe filters made from natural balsa wood. This filter guarantees an unimpeded and even draft. Of course the filter does not affect the taste of the tobacco, but it does remove nicotine and condensate. The natural filter must be changed after 3-4 times of use. Alternatively, the pipes can of course be used without problems with regular 9 mm filters.
Pipes from the "Sirimone" collection, consisting 5 different models, are available in Germany exclusively through John Aylesbury dealers.

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