Pipe Accessories

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Pipe Accessories The pleasure in smoking a tobacco pipe requires more than just a pipe and tobacco. There is a whole range of accessories to intensify your pipe-smoking pleasure. Maybe you want to carry your pipe around more comfortable, and more safely, in a specialised pipe-bag? Maybe you want to lay your down your pipe in a pipe rack, at ease but ready to be picked up at any time. Perhaps you simply want a pipe ashtray designed with the pipe-smoker in mind? One accessory that is a must, is a pipe tamper, to compress the tobacco into the bowl when smoking a pipe. In most cases, you will also need a pipe filter to help remove pollutants from the smoke. In order to smoke always-fresh pipe-tobacco, a pipe tobacco jar is mandatory for good tobacco-storage - this is how to store pipe tobacco! If you already know how to clean a pipe, you also know that you will need a pipe cleaner or a pipe reamer. Here you can find every pipe accessory you need to get the most out of your pipes, and to make sure they are well looked-after.

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