Chacom T.V. 851 Tobacco Pipe Red

T.V. Rot 851


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  • 2-in-1 pipe from Chacom, one for when you're on-the-go and the other when you're sitting in your armchair at home
  • Briar bowl
  • Two acrylic stems: short and churchwarden
EAN code: 4260128722147
Surface: Smooth
Bowl diameter: 20
Weight: 55 g
Material of bowl: Bruyere
Country of origin: France
Stem: Bent
Color: Bordeaux
Style: Classic
Item ID: T.V. Rot 851
Bore: 9
Shape of bowl: Egg
Bowl height: 54 mm
Product group: T.V.
Brand: Chacom
Mouth piece material: Caoutchouc
Applications made of: Metal
Length: 141 mm