Brebbia Aero 505 Tobacco Pipe Spraygun Black


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  • The two-toned coating of this pipe has a relief texture that gives the impression of drops of water sitting on the surface
  • Spray painted, polyester coated briar pipe with translucent smokey grey mouthpiece.
EAN code: 4260384976384
Bowl material: Bruyere
Bowl diameter: 19
Height of pipe: 45 mm
Applications made of: None
Country of origin: Italy
Serie: Aero
Color: Grey
Style: Modern
Brand: Brebbia
Item ID: 8020_505
Bore: 9
Mouth piece material: Acrylic
Product weight: 49 g
Stem: Bent
Pipe bowl shape: Apple
Length: 140 mm
Height: 45 mm
Surface: Sand blasted